A&B Corporation Ltd 2017

Our Food & Coffee

We pride ourselves on using the freshest produce available, sourced from reputable New Zealand growers.


Our Extensive Vegetarian & Vegan Menu, uses a wide variety of flavors from across the globe which is guaranteed to cater to everyone's taste buds

At Big Sur we have a deep love for Coffee and the flavors and aroma it brings.

Using Coffee Supreme's Brazil Blend, which is roasted to a medium espresso depth where it displays a milk chocolate and nut complexity with a smooth and silky body, it a coffee that will definitely set you on your way.

Our Location & Atmosphere

Our Indoor lighting is well adjusted for a relaxed atmosphere to let go of the stresses of your busy day to just enjoy your coffee or meal.

Where you definitely want to be during the warm summer months or that random sunny day is our beautiful outdoor courtyard, where the birds are chirping and where you may even encounter our famous neighborhood cat Tom.

With a total seating capacity of 40 you'll probably find a seat that suits.